Norma Takes Third!


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!!!! Welcome to Pitching in Paris, the blog that basically revolves around everything that happened today!! We pitched. We are in Paris. We came in third out of twenty-two teams coming from fifteen countries around the globe ✨🌍🏅 CHEERS to Amelia for pitching the idea flawlessly!!!! She absolutely killed it and we … Continue reading Norma Takes Third!

Unexpected Aquaintances


Welcome back!! Did you know that there are more dogs than children in Paris? Yet another fun fact about this amazing place! We've seen hundreds of doggos, and call me crazy but I think the dogs know they are French. They strut! This post is about day threeee. It's a big day, marking the official … Continue reading Unexpected Aquaintances

Peregrinations In Paris


Welcome back to Pitching in Paris!! I'm glad you're here 😊 Did you know that there is only one stop sign in this whole city?? Fun fact. It's true. And cars don't really like to stop even when you're in the crosswalks so be careful!! (Not speaking from experience or anything hi mom don't worry) … Continue reading Peregrinations In Paris

A Jetlagged Jaunt Around Paris

Welcome back! I'm glad you're here reading about our adventures. The trip is in full swing!! We arrived in Paris yesterday morning at 8am and wow was it a full day. Running on a few hours of less-than-ideal airplane rest, Amelia and I set out to see the city on our first day here. First … Continue reading A Jetlagged Jaunt Around Paris