Norma Takes Third!

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!!! Welcome to Pitching in Paris, the blog that basically revolves around everything that happened today!! We pitched. We are in Paris. We came in third out of twenty-two teams coming from fifteen countries around the globe ✨🌍🏅


CHEERS to Amelia for pitching the idea flawlessly!!!! She absolutely killed it and we are so proud of her and our whole team for the work put into Norma so far!!!

The competition took place at Accor Hotels, a beautiful building near the river. We took a damp journey from Novohotel to the venue, and it was a fun little adventure to get to know some of the other girls competing.


We got to meet people from all over the world, and let me tell you these women are absolutely fascinating and impressive!! I was amazed at some of my new friends’ ability to walk in the rain around the cobblestone sidewalks riddled with puddles in 5″ heels! #womeninbusiness #slay

After two stops on the metro and a little bit of a walk, we arrived!

There was a nice boxed lunch with noodles and tofu, and we all ate and enjoyed our time to lounge and get to know each other before pitch practice began.

After a little while, we were shepherded into the auditorium where the competition would take place. Each team got the chance to go onstage to practice their pitch once before the real deal, and we had a little time to hang out. Miriam got the chance for a quick nap, as she landed in the morning and was powering through the jet lag like an absolute champion!

finaleee{"key":"m3"}miriam sleepin






The pitches were incredible, tackling big issues with inventive, head-on solutions. The winning pitch was for a device to sell to camel breeders to prevent collisions between camels and cars by linking the device to send alerts to nearby drivers.

What a fantastic way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The future is FEMALE

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