Unexpected Aquaintances

Welcome back!!

Did you know that there are more dogs than children in Paris?

Yet another fun fact about this amazing place! We’ve seen hundreds of doggos, and call me crazy but I think the dogs know they are French. They strut!

This post is about day threeee. It’s a big day, marking the official start of the competition!! All teams arrive tonight and early tomorrow morning. There is a dinner scheduled at 7pm where we can introduce ourselves to the other teams, but the majority of the day is left for us to do our own thing 😊

The start of the day was amazing and unexpected! One of my close friends from Denver has been studying abroad in Istanbul for the past year, and she texted me asking if we could get together. Naturally I wrote back that I would love to, but it would have to wait until I returned from Paris.

Turns out, my friend Zoe is in Paris too!!!

We decided to meet for breakfast near the entrance to the catacombs. Amelia came along to meet Zoe and her friend Miriam! We ate at a cafe, and each of us selected the English breakfast (croissants, eggs, coffee, and orange juice). It was, again, delicious.

We were hoping to go into the catacombs, but the line was long and stagnated so we elected to walk to a nearby park instead. We stopped by a small sidewalk sale and found a few goodies too.

Then at the park, we took some promotional pictures! We have shirts from Jeanie, a DU startup run by two of our friends, University of Denver, who sponsored my trip and our DU apparel, and Boobi Butter. Here’s a look at our shoot!


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Boobi Butter

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University of Denver

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We had so much fun taking these pictures 🙂

After the park, Amelia and I took an uber to meet our team for lunch! We were joined by another team competing on the competition from Winston Salem, North Carolina (my home sweet home!). It was great to finally connect with another team from the competition, and they were really interesting and fun to talk to 🙂

After lunch, I drank some wine and worked on my Abstract Algebra homework in the hotel lobby, Amelia took a quick nap, and Lauryn & Sienna went to a museum. We convened at 7 for dinner, thrilled to meet our competitors! The dinner was delicious, albeit mildly impromptu, and we were pretty tired so after we ate and mingled for a little while our team went back to our hotel to get ready for bed.

I wasn’t quite ready for sleep, so I decided to go out for a glass of wine with a friend I made at the hotel named Jean-Baptiste, a Parisian native. We spoke for about an hour about the politics of our countries, our perceptions of where we live compared to each other, and places we would like to live based on what we learn growing up in our respective countries. I want to learn French and move to Paris, and he wanted to learn Spanish and move somewhere in South America. It was a very engaging conversation and I am glad to be making friends here 😊

I got home around 1am and went to sleep to prepare for the big day. I’ll be writing about and livestreaming the event, so stay tuned!!

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