Peregrinations In Paris

Welcome back to Pitching in Paris!! I’m glad you’re here 😊

Did you know that there is only one stop sign in this whole city??

Fun fact. It’s true. And cars don’t really like to stop even when you’re in the crosswalks so be careful!! (Not speaking from experience or anything hi mom don’t worry)

Our second day in Paris was much more energized than the first! A full night’s rest in a comfortable bed really makes a difference (loving our hotel Yooma 💕).

Waiting in the Yooma lobby

Amelia and I had a lovely breakfast near our hotel at a small cafe. The croissants were soooo good and the “long coffee” seemed richer than what I normally drink at home. After we finished our meal, we waited in the lobby for two of our team members to make their way in from the airport. Sienna & Lauryn both had easy flights and got to the hotel without any trouble! We’re really excited to have them here with us to adventure with. Sienna is basically a walking history book, and she even knows some French, really helping our team navigate the city.

We decided to take a walking tour, setting out to the Musee de Orangerie, which headlines as the home of Monet’s Water Lillies. The walk took about an hour, and along the way we saw the beautiful Pont de Alexandre III, some oddly shaped trees, and a lot of beautiful people (It’s fashion week here in Paris, go figure!)


The walk to the museum was beautiful, but not as stunning as what we saw inside…

We probably looked at the artwork in the museum an hour and a half, but it’s not too large and we were able to see everything there in a pretty reasonable visit. After finding a few gifts for friends and family at the Musee, we worked our way down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, a beautiful street lined with high fashion, ultimately leading us to the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile.

At this point, the rest of the team was ready for a nap but I was ripe with energy and wanted to continue exploring. So the others headed back to the hotel in an uber and I found myself meandering around solo 😊.

Naturally I went straight to figuring out how to get on top of the Arch. (Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved climbing things. Buildings, archways, trees, …) The view was absolutely spectacular and it worth every step (all 284 of them).

From here I spent time watching the beautiful people of Paris as I walked the long way home to the hotel. It was really pleasant to meander the cobblestone streets and 18th century buildings that compose the city.

On the way I realized I was pretty hungry, and decided to stop for dinner at a lovely little spot named Le Fleurus. There was a little cat that decided to make friends with me as I ate my dinner.

cat bites back

She ended up biting me after snuggling up against my leg for fifteen minutes, so I’ll maintain that I’m not really a cat person…

By the time I arrived home, the sky was dark and my legs were tired after walking nearly 13 miles around Paris. Satisfied with the adventures of the day, I came home to a quick shower and a little bit of reading before bed. All in all, it was an incredible day and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

Thanks for reading about my journey 🙂 I hope you have some adventures of your own today!

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