A Jetlagged Jaunt Around Paris

Welcome back! I’m glad you’re here reading about our adventures. The trip is in full swing!! We arrived in Paris yesterday morning at 8am and wow was it a full day. Running on a few hours of less-than-ideal airplane rest, Amelia and I set out to see the city on our first day here.

First thing first, we got a cab to the hotel.

Once we had our bags put away and post airplane zombie-faces slightly less zombified, we decided to walk around a bit to enjoy the drizzles that were softly soaking the city.

Our hotel, Yooma, is an adorable, modern space with a helpful and friendly staff (who speak great English! 🙂 And it’s right next to the Eiffel Tower in a great part of town!

We wandered our way to the Lourve, which had the longest line I think I’ve ever seen because it was a free day at the museum. Instead of waiting in a 2 mile long queue, we elected to get food at a very cute little cafe instead. The waiter was very sweet to us and the food was absolutely delicious.


Paris is a lovely city, and I am falling in love with it every moment we spend here.

I’ll check in later today or tomorrow with more details! 🙂 We are so excited for the rest of the team to arrive today!

Bon Jour 💕

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